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PostSubject: flywheel....   flywheel.... Icon_minitimeTue Jul 14, 2009 12:06 pm


made the mistake of fitting a clutch with out pads to my early bay wich cost me as i broke dwn at the toals 4 the 7bridge this wknd

found that i wasunt the first to have made this mistake when reserching the fault, and was advised to buy a nw clutch that is the padded tipe wich i did, so upon fitting this i found that it was to small to bolt to the flywheel. the cluth is a 200mm as the flywheel is 215mm.

does any one have a 200mm flywheel or an esyer solution as i dont think they make a larger cluth with the padds.

if you have one for sale ot trade, call us plz as i want to repair thi 4 the wknd (dubs at castle)

many thanks joey 07790202207
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