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Club meet 1st Wednesday of the month at the Aneurin Bevan pub, on the A470 Manor Way/North Rd by the Gabalfa flyover
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 Wet Wet Wet!

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PostSubject: Wet Wet Wet!   Wet Wet Wet! Icon_minitimeThu Feb 24, 2011 5:59 am

Hi guys =)

I've recently come back to aircooled after a 15 year absence. I now have a '68 Bug. It was slammed and narrowed (and hideous to drive) by the previous owner and has numerous things I want to sort out over the next year or so. As you know we haven't been very lucky with the weather lately but I try to go for a spin at least once a week when it's dry. Last week I stayed out a bit too long and got caught in a deluge driving home from Cardiff back to Ponty. I cruised up the A470 at a steady 50mph all the while I could hear a 'splashy' sound coming from somewhere under the floor or behind the front wheels... didn't think much about it at the time putting it down to the car being literally centimetres from the road surface. Back in my garage I noticed that the carpet was wet. I pulled it up from the pedals to find that the whole floor, left right front and back were 'under water' - both floorpans absolutely flooded. I took the carpet out to dry and mopped up the water. I'm not overly bothered on the one hand because the floorpans are pretty new and there's no sign of rust (inside anyway) but where the hell is the water coming from?? I never had this issue with my first Bug but then it was stock original etc.

Last month I popped over to the chap in Llandow to see about a service and getting the front end lifted up a couple of inches so these are my first planned tasks. But I'm curious to know if anyone knows/can suggest a reason why my Bug floods in the rain, and what I can do about it?

On a seperate note I am a newbie (Woot!) and wondered if you folks still meet regularly and if so where and when is the next meet? I've been pootling about for a couple of months now and haven't seen a single aircooled on my travels =(

Hope to hear from ya...

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Sam Jelfs

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PostSubject: Re: Wet Wet Wet!   Wet Wet Wet! Icon_minitimeFri Feb 25, 2011 8:59 am

Does it get wet only when driven? or does the car stay outside in all weather and no water gets in?

there are a few places to check, starting with door / window seals, including the scrapers on the door windows... My suggestion would be to wait until its all dried out, and then get someone to spray the car with a hose whilst you sit inside and try to see / feel around until you find the leak.

Another place to check is the end of the heater channel where it meets the rear inner arch. I had one rust through there and in heavy rain the rear wheels sprayed water up and into the heater channels, where it then ran down the channels and out into the footwells.

I'd start with the hosepipe, and see where that takes you, otherwise chalk is quite useful, rub it all along the edge of the carpet and see where it gets wet...

As for club meets... First wednesday of the month at the Aneurin Bevan pub by the A470 / A48 junction. Though club meets can be a bit sporadic, best bet is to head on over to the facebook group if you are on there, more chance of that being updated than here. I will be pestering Dude to send out messages about a meet this coming wednesday shortly, so hopefully we will have a few people there this month...
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Wet Wet Wet!
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