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 1972 crossover dormobile project - all rust cut out

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PostSubject: 1972 crossover dormobile project - all rust cut out   Mon Feb 13, 2012 4:16 am


Unfortunately the time has come to sell my project Bay window. It is a 1972 RHD Dormobile Bay Window crossover.

I started this project about 3 years ago where it has been stored in a dry barn. The vision I had for this bus was for it to be completed to the highest standard possible. This has been reflected in the amount of parts I’ve replaced and the quality or parts I’ve used.

Any RUST or PATCHES have been cut out and replaced with solid metal.

To show you that I haven’t cut any corners I have listed all of the parts I’ve bought, where I bought them from and the price paid:

Custom and Commercial
Genuine cab floor complete 1
Sub-total £79.95
A H Schofields
Front Inner wheel arch & Seat mounting 2
Rear wheel arch (Complete) 2
Inner B post repair section 2
B Post repair section 2
Inner sill Left 1
Inner sill right 1
Outer sill left 1
Outer sill right 1
Inner sill strengtheners 1
Outriggers – rear right 1
Outriggers – centre right 1
Outriggers – front right 1
Outriggers – rear left 1
Outriggers – centre right 1
Outriggers front right 1
Jacking point front left 1
Jacking point centre left 1
Jacking point front right 1
Jacking point centre right 1
Tophap section 2
Rear wheel arch outer 21” 2
Track cover support channel 2
Platform tray 1
Rear cargo floor – both halves 1
Sub-Total £1055.52
Early bay Front Clip 1
Sub-Total £365
1972 only front arches 2 £180
1972 only rear corners 2 £350
Engine lid 1 £50
Tailgate 1 £75
Cab Doors 2 £330

Australian import
Early bay Sliding door MINT CONDITION 1
Subtotal £500
Scott Wilson
Middle Panel opposite Slider complete 1
Sub-total £250

Totalling £3235.47
I carried out the chassis work myself with the assistance of my dad who is a welder by trade. We decided to give it to a bodyshop to fit the exterior panels as doing to work in the evenings was taking a lot longer than I had anticipated. Needless to say this cost a fair bit of money!!!!

So what other work has been carried out:
1. The spare wheel well has been cut away to hold a battery basket for the leisure battery.
2. The platform tray has been lowered to accommodate the battery basket
3. The engine bay has been cut back to the chassis as I was going to install a Porsche engine.
4. The battery tray has been removed as this is where I was going to install the Porsche oil tank.
5. an inspection hatch has been fitted to enable access from above the engine
6. The central heater tube has been removed when the cross members were replaced. I never used the original heating system as I used a Propex.
7. removable valance made to enable quick removal of any engine without having to jack the bus right up

What else does this Bus come with:
1. All of the glass
2. The Dormobile roof
3. The Dormobile roof bows
4. One Dormobile bunk – I only every had one
5. a stock height beam – in good condition
6. brakes which are in good condition
7. RHD Steering box – was working fine when I took the bus off the road.
8. steering wheel and colum
9. seats allbeit the need new foam and padding

What don’t you get:
1. Dash front. you get the top and padded bit
2. seats
3. interior
4. engine
5. gearbox
6. wiring loom – you wouldn’t have wanted it

The bad bits:
1. You may wish to refit the rear wheel arches as they warped when the body shop fitted them

The price is at £3500 . bare in mind that the parts alone are just short of this i think its definitely worth this NOW £2800

the bus is located 4miles outside Abergavenny, South Wales. NP7 postcode

I’m not going to fanny about trying to make a fiver here and there by selling the bus and selling the bits so you get everything that I took off the bus when I first took it off the road.

Cab Area - drivers arch

drivers area

drivers cab step

passenger floor/step/arch


steeringbox,chassis and new clip

beam and accel linkage

shift tube, cross member and tophat


LHD beam

Front brakes

Rear Brakes

A Arms

Inside the air vents (rear quarters)

inside the roof

Schofields parts:

quick few pics of my new clip picked up from classycampers

Chassis work

Floor removal

Cab Bulkhead:

Drivers Door frame

New floor and inner arches:

Inspection hatch:

Middle panel opposite slider:

front floor fully fitted:

sliding door:

rear corners, engine lid and removable valance

outer rear arch:

inner and outer rear arch:

panels alining with sliding door:


As it is now (without wheels):

custom battery tray:

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1972 crossover dormobile project - all rust cut out
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